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'Iron Bowl Gold'

By Daniel A. Moore

Iron Bowl Gold will feature 41 all new paintings by 2005 Sport Artist of the Year Daniel A. Moore.

These are extrodinary presentations from each of the Iron Bowl games from 1948 through 1988 - the classic years - the days of the 50/50 ticket split, when Legion Field thundered and swayed with the teams changing fortunes.

Written by Keith Jackson, the book will also feature fascinating and insightful vintage articles of past issues of The Birmingham News. Jackson utilizes his unique "Whoa-Nellyisms" as he calls the action in each of Moore's paintings.

Through the eyes of the artist, the wit of the commentator and the eyewitness accounts of the journalists, Iron Bowl Gold takes us back in time and opens the door to the golden era of college football's greatest rivalry ever.

Hardcover: $79.95
Limited Edition- $249.00



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