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'Grand Finale'

By Daniel A. Moore

This painting is a dual-purpose commemorative. It commemorates Alabama's 1997 Outback Bowl victory over the Michigan Wolverines while paying tribute to Coach Gene Stallings' final victory--his "grand finale." The win was, in part, due to the heroics of Dwayne Rudd and Kelvin Sigler. Shortly into the fourth quarter, with Michigan on top 6 to 3, Michigan's offense had entered the red zone and were closing in on the end zone. Michigan QB Ryan Griese dropped back to pass, Sigler blitzed in from the blind side and grabbed Griese just as he was releasing the ball. This resulted in a little toss up. Dwayne Rudd proceeded to grab and gallop 88 yards for a winning Bama TD.

26" x 19 1/2"

• Signature Edition - $250.00
• Artist's Proof - $450.00
• Mini print available - $25.00



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