The Pick Six

Signed by 2009 BCS Championship MVP Marcell Dareus.

The Pick Six is being offered as Time-Limited Edition Fine Art Canvases. Each canvas will be hand signed in oils by Daniel A. Moore and Marcell Dareus. Edition sizes will be determined based upon the number of orders placed by March 7, 2011. We are also offering an unlimited edition of 8″ x 10″ prints signed by the artist, with Marcell’s signature optional. NOTE: These are the only canvas and print editions that will ever be published from The Pick Six.

Daniel Moore has created the new and dynamic image of The Pick Six by combining his artwork from two of his original oil paintings. The lower portion depicts Marcell’s “Pick Six” in the 2009 BCS Championship game and is derived from the artist’s recent painting, A Crimson Tradition. The artist has painted the Rose Boxl crowd in a separate painting that comprises the top portion of The Pick Six.



We have been authorized by New Life Art, the publisher, to offer you the very special prepublication pricing of 25% off issue pricing of canvases through March 7, 2011. A down payment of 50% is required on prepublication orders.

36″ x 28.5″ Canvas

Canvas Regular Edition Prepublication Price – $1,500
Canvas Artist’s Proof Prepublication Price – $2,400
Canvas Regular Edition
 – $2,000
Canvas Artist’s Proof
 – $3,000
8″ x 10″ Signed by the Artist – $30
8″ x 10″ Signed by the Artist and Marcell – $59




A word from artist Daniel A. Moore:

“As I contemplated how I would depict Alabama’s historic win of the 2009 BCS Championship Game, I gave serious thought to utilizing my classic approach of conveying the story of the game through a single play. But because there were so many big plays made by the Tide on that historic night in Pasadena, I decided to paint the more inclusive composition that would become A Crimson Tradition. Had I chosen to portray a stand-alone play instead, it would have been Marcell Dareus’ interception and return for a touchdown… the big man’s “Pick Six.” As I watched the play unfold, I envisioned this tremendous touchdown rumble by Marcell as a great painting in the making, with Kareem Jackson and Eyrk Anders directing the crimson convoy.

“The relevance of this play’s importance certainly was not lost in A Crimson Tradition. This is why I used it as the “base” for the painting, from which all other images emerge. Because this scene fills the bottom portion of the painting, from left to the right and to the bottom edge, I found it necessary to carefully compose it as I would any stand-alone scene – so that it successfully moves and breathes in its own space. Included in this scene is the score of the game (37-21) and the number of Alabama’s National Championships (13), both depicted on the Texas jerseys.

“Now that I have finished The Heisman Spirit, the fifth painting in The Greatest Season Ever series, I have revisited my initial version and painted a separate top portion in oils on canvas depicting the Rose Bowl crowd (shown at left). As you can see, I have customized it to fit with the bottom scene of A Crimson Tradition so as to create the stand-alone scene of The Pick Six. I am happy now to be able to share with you the scene that I envisioned as I watched the play unfold in real time.”