Liberty Silver Anniversary

Print Size: 8 ” x 10″

• Regular Edition Print: $95
• Artist’s Proof Print: $175



New Life Art, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of “Liberty” as a unique print in our popular “Collegiate Classics Series.” The print has been reformatted to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of Coach Bryant’s final game in the 1982 Liberty Bowl. This was a fiercely fought battle, pitting Alabama’s Crimson Tide against the Fighting Illini of Illinois in freezing winds and temperatures that plummeted to 19 degrees. Coach Bryant’s plan to retire from coaching was widely reported and his players were determined to send him out as the winner and champion that he truly was. This they did with a victory of 21-15, which set the all-time win record for Coach Bryant at 323.

In commemoration of this special anniversary of Coach Bryant’s final game, this historic Daniel A. Moore painting of “Liberty” is being offered in a limited edition of only 1,982 signed and numbered prints, plus 192 A.P.s. The original “Liberty” seal is embossed in the silver in the margin of each print. All prints include a Certificate of Limited Edition, a summary of the game and a key explaining the artist’s symbolism in the painting.